Blizzard Makes Greater Rift Changes

Soon, Urshi won't be so hard to find.

Soon, Urshi won’t be so hard to find.

Blizzard has responded to player requests and complaints about DiabloWikiGreater Rifts and here’s the quote as Blizzard Makes Greater Rift Changes.

There has been a ton of great feedback coming our way about Greater Rifts and your experiences with them. So let me take a moment to just say thank you! It’s been super helpful to us and confirmed a lot of suspicions our development team has had regarding their current reward structure. Plenty of changes are coming in the next PTR patch that reflect these concerns.

  • Urshi will no longer only spawn when a Greater Rift is failed; instead, she will spawn at the end of every Greater Rift level. You’ll be able to choose whether you wish to upgrade your gem or, assuming that you completed that Rift within the time limit, move on to the next level.

  • The Rift Guardian will spawn at the 15 minute mark regardless of whether your bar has reached full progress. This should eliminate “the slog” at higher Greater Rifts where you fail, but have the rest of the level to go before you get your rewards.
  • The pacing for upgrading your Legendary Gems is being significantly revised.
    • Legendary gem upgrades are now more likely to receive multiple ranks per upgrade attempt at higher Greater Rift tiers, to a maximum of 4 ranks at a time.

      • This is in addition to the higher chance to upgrade gained at each additional Greater Rift tier.
    • To compensate for this change, individual ranks are less powerful. The rate of power accrual will roughly be the same, you’ll just experience it more frequently!

These are some pretty significant changes to the Greater Rift reward scheme and they should vastly improve your experience when completing and conquering higher Greater Rift tiers. Be sure to let us know what you think once these changes are on our PTR!

These sound like improvements to me and all of them come in direct response to common player complaints. What’s left to fix?

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Bombs Away: Wizard Meteor Buffs Coming Soon

Wizard Meteor fan art by Forlenza80.

Wizard Meteor fan art by Forlenza80.

Bliz shared some dev news about Wizard DiabloWikiMeteor buffs coming soon. The base skill is getting a big damage boost, and several of the runes are getting modified and improved as well. The changes are coming soon to the PTR and to DiabloWikilive in DiabloWikiPatch 2.1. Details:

Nevalistis: While we don’t have plans to innately reduce the Arcane Power (cost) of Meteor in the next build, we do have some significant Meteor changes coming in the next PTR patch that should make the Arcane Power you’re spending feel much more valuable.

In addition to damage increases for the baseline Meteor skill, we’re making some changes to a few of the elemental runes that weren’t fully embodying their fantasy. The goal is to make each flavor of Meteor different and more indicative of its element while keeping each competitive in its own way. These changes should also make the DiabloWikiTal Rasha’s Set bonus more appealing.

Comet has been slightly modified, dealing a great deal of Cold damage on impact and freezing Chilled enemies for 1 second. You’ll still enjoy its icy mist after effect that deals additional weapon damage as cold over time and chills enemies.

Star Pact has also been redesigned, and is now a little reminiscent of the Barbarian’s Ancient Spear (Boulder Toss) rune. You’ll be able to expend all remaining Arcane Power for a massive amount of Arcane damage, with each point of additional Arcane Power spent granting a 20% damage increase. (I’m personally looking forward to exploding things with this!)

Lastly, Lightning Bind has been replaced with a new rune, Thunder Crash. This new rune removes the delay on Meteor, to better embody the quick nature of Lightning based spells and abilities.

We’re also updating DiabloWikiThe Grand Vizier (armory) with a new Legendary power oriented around Meteor, which will reduce the Arcane Power cost of Meteor by 45-60%. This aligns with our goals of making 2-handed weapons feel more powerful and desirable, and we’d like to hear your thoughts once you get a chance to give these new options a go!

Buffs to a classic Wizard skill and a effort to make two-handed weapons viable? Unpossible!

No, really, it’s probably impossible. But still, nice to see them trying to offer more skills and builds and diversity. Many expert wizards have been vexed by their lack of Torment 6+ viable builds, so perhaps these bomb dropping buffs will help.

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Walk before you can Crawl(ers): Ray of Frost bug

news-wiz-bug-RoFA fan posted about an annoying and odd Wizard Ray of Frost bug, and since there’s a cool video to go with it, and a Blue said a fix is coming, let’s take a look.

Using Ray of Frost with Light of Grace against some varieties of crawler/torso-type monsters or other tiny monsters will result in absolutely ZERO DAMAGE DONE. Ray of Frost completely and 100% fails to hit the target.

On Live I occasionally run into Elite or Rare monsters of the torso variety and it takes me FOREVER to kill them because my primary damage dealer does ZERO DAMAGE.

I’m baffled that this bug has been let live for this long, but I absolutely refuse to stand by and watch it creep into 2.1. I just paused my PTR session in the middle of a Level 25 Greater Rift because I just ran into a rare torso-type monster that is going to ruin my Leaderboard timing because it took me at least 3x as long to kill it.

The short video is below and it just shows the Wizard standing in a sea of ankle-biters, her main attack sailing happily into the distance without so much as scratching their scaly heads.

If Diablo 3 had monster immunities and physics and more hotkeys, you could actually defend this. After all, a projectile/beam fired from a standing position with a straight arm *shouldn’t* hit ground targets at close range. I’d like that version of the game, but obviously that kind of realism and situational skill switching isn’t in Diablo 3 at this point, so it’s a bug to make one skill fail at a primary task such as this.

And now for the happy ending!

Tsarnis: Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that we have a fix in place for this internally that you should see in the next PTR patch. Thanks for the reports!

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A cool strategy video by Meathead Mikhail shows off a Barbarian Build: Raekor’s Furious Charge, Lightning damage themed. The build allows him to do Furious Charge more or less permanently (managed properly to avoid cooldowns) and the action from a L26 Greater Rift is pretty juicy.

The vid starts out with a long discussion of the gear and skills required for this, so it’s educational if you’ve got high quality Barbarian equipment (or want an excuse to hunt it) and are looking for a new way to play.

Lightning version of the Raekor’s Furious Charge build in combination with IK for Unity-like damage mitigation. With the recent buff to 2-handed weapons, a Furnace may be a better alternative, but after having tested 3 popular weapon choices – Thunderfury, Odyn Son, and Shard of Hate – a dual wield setup is sick good.

In this video I go over the build, gear, paragon points, solo a Greater Rift, and talk about limitations and possible solutions. Enjoy!

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