Longtime Weapon Damage Bug Fix Coming Soon

A bug that’s been around since the Reaper of Souls beta, and is taking damage away from many items, is finally going to be squashed. The OP is from March 31 and there were Blue replies soon after that, but the latest update that the fix is coming soon just went up yesterday.

On weapons, the affix “+X% Damage” does not affect the affix “+(A-B) Damage” when is anything other than “black” or “no-element” damage.

This causes the +X% damage affix to under perform in almost all cases.

Take the item Wildwood as an example.

This item rolls with +(A-B) Poison Damage & +X% Damage

Because +X% Damage does not work with +(A-B) Poison Damage, this weapon will consistently have lower DPS than if it had +(A-B) Physical Damage with the exact same range.

I am sure this is not intended but it’s causing a lot of strife when people re-roll their weapon primary to +10% Damage and DO NOT see a 10% increase in weapon DPS.

It also HIGHLY undervalues all +(A-B) Damage affixes that don’t happen to roll as Physical or Black damage which should not be the case. A player should not be penalized for having a Fire weapon simply because the +X% Damage affix is bugged.
Tsarnis: Definitely not intentional.

We are currently working on a fix for this and hope to have it out to you guys as soon as possible. I can’t really make promises as to when or how (patch or hotfix) said fix will arrive but it’s something we are aware of and are working on.

any idea if the fix will be applied to current items upon patch or will we have to re-enchant them to get the %+ buff?
Tsarnis: To be honest, I am not 100% sure. I’ll talk to the designers and let you guys know when I find out.

In general, item changes do not have retroactive effect on items that already exist in the game world. That said though, due to the nature of this particular bug, issues with existing items may be resolved when this fix goes live. If you’ve got something particularly good that would benefit from this fix, I’d say hang onto it for now.

I’ll come back here and let you know what I find out, so you can commence the salvaging or continue the hoarding, whatever the case may be :P

I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that we have a potential fix in place for this internally and it is currently looking like this fix will retroactively apply to existing weapons. While we will not be able to deploy this as a hotfix, we currently expect this fix to make it to live servers with our next game patch. I obviously can’t make promises as to when that patch will arrive, but it is something we are actively working on, and we hope to be able to get that deployed as soon as possible.

Thanks again for all of your reports. I know it took me a bit of time to get back to you, but your patience is greatly appreciated!

DiabloWikiBlack weapons” continue to bedevil Diablo 3, but a fix is coming at long last.

Build – Usain Bounty – The Fastest Bow in the West

demon hunter fastest bow builds

Lachtobi has began a thread which started out as simply his suggestion for a build and key items that would produce a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter that could complete bounties and clear mobs as fast as possible. As is often the case with these things it gets others thinking and before too long one suggestion turns into 2, then 3 and so on.

That’s happened here and the thread has now turned into a collaborative effort on devising combos to create the ‘Fasted Bow in the West‘. As new suggestions appear Lachtobi is updating the original post and there’s videos and images to better illustrate what’s necessary. Add your own to the likes of the ‘Wrecking Ball‘, ‘Vaultastic‘ and ‘Fearminator.’

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Diablo Fan Art Watch #240: The Barbarian XV

In this week’s the Diablo Fan Art Watch we have a collection of 10 pieces of fan art.

All based upon the first class revealed for Diablo III; The Former Guardians of Mt. Arreat – The Barbarian.

Artwork By: gongcheng, Gollorr, AesopArtist, friendhaircut, Rabcevich, njay, SirenD, AtraElegie, KaiserFlames, and hieronymus7z.

Click the thumbnails to see larger versions of all these images.

If you enjoy Fan Art and want to contribute to this community please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many Artists and fans visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You dont have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions, comments or have some fan art related news on the web please send me a message on the forums and I’ll get back with you.

New Wallpaper: Charge of the Crusader

"The crusade calls me...so I go."

Faithful of Akkhan. Bastions of the Light. Stalwart redeemers of the Zakarum. Show your allegiance to the Crusader order with an all-new wallpaper featuring artwork by John Polidora!

Visit our Diablo III Media section to download this wallpaper in multiple resolutions, and be sure to stay tuned for even more righteous designs to decorate your desktops.


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Crusade Stream Marches On – Video and Report Update

reaper of souls live stream

We had a great session tonight after clearing up some problems with the video. Thanks to everyone for hanging in while we got everything going.

We got through act four and into the mid 50s and should make a strong push for capping in next weeks stream. We had some great questions and comments tonight especially from Rebbz and Kintara666.

In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to bring people into the stream to show off their builds, demonstrating how theirs works.  We’ll also be adapting and showing off various builds and tricks you can use to keep your Crusader the most helpful member of any party. If you would like to join us with your build please let us know in the comments or drop a PM to me here on the site.

We’ll also be randomly inviting live viewers in for Torment Malthael first time kills and giving the guaranteed drop(s) as a thank you for participating.

The next scheduled stream will be next Wednesday at 7pm EDT but we may do some impromptu streams in the meantime, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@DiabloIncGamers and @SitDownStar) for instant alerts of those.  If you have any questions for that, or things you’d like us to test please feel free to leave them in the comments or make a post in the Crusader forum. We will be compiling build guides and suggestions in the forum, so be sure to check in for theory-crafting, or join in and do some yourself!

Here’s the video of tonight’s session.


Watch live video from IncGamers on TwitchTV

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Improvements to our Diablo 3 Community Forum

We’ve just made some improvements to the Diablo 3 Community Forum that should create better conversations for everyone. Our main page news posts have long been paralleled into our Diablo 3 community forum. This is useful since lots of site readers mainpage the forums instead of the news page, and since all the news posts on juicier issues can live on as forum discussion topics longer than they would on the main page, where things scroll down pretty fast. (Though that’s less of an issue these days with our new and shiny layout.)

The drawback to that “export to forum” system was that news posts were drowning out the actual forum posts since comments made via the main page bumped the forum thread version of the post up to the top of the forum page. This was especially an issue for guests or members using the default “10 per page” forum display settings. (It’s a lot easier if you log in and set your user options to show 20 or 30 or 50 posts per page.)

There's weird stuff behind the scenes.

Moderators see all the weird behind the scenes stuff!

To address this issue, we’ve opened up a new Diablo 3 News Discussion forum as a sub-forum of our Diablo 3 community forum. From now on, the forum post versions of the news items will appear in that sub-forum, instead of the main D3 community forum. Unleash the Hound! So, the main Diablo 3 Community Forum will carry on with user forum conversation, and no news posts elbowing in. (Hopefully we’ll still get thirty spam posts a night promising Indian Black Magic love potions. Forum tools make them very easy to erase, and one of our many excellent mods purges them all before many of you visitors see them, but they’re so weird I’m actually coming to expect and anticipate their near-nightly reappearance.)

Weird spam aside, there are plenty of good threads in the Community Forum, which you can see now that the Hounds won’t be drowning them all out. For instance:

  • DarkRealm wants to know how you guys feel about BoA. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s essential in order to enjoy high drop rates for self-gearing… or is it?
  • Fizoo thinks that ladders and leaderboards and Tiered Rifts will make Diablo 3 awesome, but there are some counter opinions in this animated debate.


  • Benzedrine found an item with the longest name I’ve ever seen in RoS.
  • StreetChicken discovered an oddity of Internet forums, in that if you include too many topics in one post, you get hardly any feedback since people don’t want to reply to just one thing, and covering everything is too much work. Whereas if you just post one thing, you’ll get 20 replies. I thought his points about gold scarcity in the game were the most interesting.
  • Jaydenz fell victim to the same “too much to reply to it all” fate a couple of weeks earlier.
  • Artemis glories in some good luck on Pools of Reflection. Others ask if PoRs could do more for players who had the max bonus already stacked up. Random shrine/pylon effect?
  • Wurmer misses the special legendary properties from Diablo 3 vanilla gear and wishes they were available in RoS. Others are less nostalgic.
  • DarkRealm tries something that he’s pull back a stump for on the B.net forums. He asks everyone to nomination their favorite Diablo 3 things!
  • There are lots of others, so join in the conversation.

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